Our Story

September 01, 2016

Seamless Thread is a groundbreaking brand of intimate apparel designed with stylish, active modern women in mind. Founder and Creator, Maggie Han, worked as a fashion stylist in New York City, prior to realizing the vision for her first brand and it’s overarching mission. Our designs offer women enhanced, high-performing undergarments that transcend the current market.

Best known for our revolutionary line of panties called Camel No® ending the epidemic of Camel Toe and freeing women from the frontal wedgie, for good!

The Camel No® collection uniquely builds into each design, a customized and undetectable modesty enhancement panel that effectively deflects and prevents invasive seams that plague fashion trends today. This styling application and innovation are a game changer. From active wear to one-piece rompers and fashion styles, Camel No® leaves the doors to your wardrobe wide open! No more tunics needed to pair with leggings, no more fussing or fidgeting with yoga pants as you enter the gym, imagine!

For more on our brand and product lines, please go to seamlessthread.com and follow our story @seamlessthread on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

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