Second Skin Intimates featuring Camel No®

We have taken the best element's among modern undergarment's and fused them together to create an unparalleled every-day selection of sleek foundations for women.
High-function meets high-fashion, across each of our three style's Each design sits beautifully on the body enhancing comfort in wear and paired with any wardrobe styles. 
Ideally weighted, our fabric (89% microfiber, 11% elastane) hugs the figure without any compression. Each pair is uniquely lined, with cotton (95% cotton + 5% spandex), in order to maximize breathability. Our seams are constructed using high-performance flat-locked seam techniques that making our products strong and built to endure many washes, through many wears.   
(patent pending)
Our innovative and groundbreaking Camel No® solution builds into each design a customized and undetectable, modesty enhancement panel that successfully deflects invasive seams and builds in comfort