The Camel No® Collection

Our groundbreaking collection, CAMEL NO®, is the ultimate solution and answer to the invasive seams dominating fashion trends today! In a modern woman's wardrobe almost every silhouette is so fitted that you need a tunic or some tactic to manage modesty
Our unique innovation, Camel No® (patent pending) builds an ideally shaped modesty enhancement panel into the front of each design, offering the most effective solution in smoothing over the dreaded Camel Toe.  Problem solved.  Our sleek, sexy and vibrant style's eliminate VPL (visible panty lines) and free your mind from the frontal wedgie, or Camel Toe, forever! 
The Camel No® Collection is Seamless Thread's foremost innovative creation, among a line of innovative foundation wear to come. This collection highlights our ultimate achievement, in a constant effort to make women's undergarments better!
They are sure to become the pair that you reach for first!
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